Why You Should Get Personalized Hair Care.

by - 12/01/2016


The idea of getting something, anything, personalized is exciting. I personally love personalized items and look for them at every turn. Mostly on websites because as you can imagine, the spelling of my first name is not very common. I had a very un-personalized childhood.

But personalized shampoo and conditioner? This is the greatest thing to ever be thought of. Not only can I get something that will work on the volume of my hair, but also that burden of dandruff. (That's right, I still have those little snowflakes). Since I've started using these two, my hair has been super soft, shiny, a little bit taller, and mostly dandruff free. (It's not a miracle worker).

So in comes Function of Beauty. A hair care company specializing in, you guessed it, personalized shampoo and conditioners for your very special needs. You can choose pretty much everything you want. Up to five different hair problems, the colors (which is why I have two different ones, haha), and even the smell. I got a lovely sandalwood and look forward to switching it up next time.

And then they put your name on the bottle. These products just scream YOU and I love it. You can even choose the size. And when you're done, you have the option to make an account and save your preferences, which can be changed the next time you decide to make an order. That's the best part, everything about this process is up to you. They don't spam your inbox with reminders to re-order your duo. I don't think I've received any emails from them that wasn't a shipping notification.

And I couldn't be more pleased. My hair loves this stuff, I love this stuff, and I really feel like you would love this stuff too. If you give it a try, definitely let me know how it worked out for you, because my hair couldn't be happier.

*This post is not sponsored by Function of Beauty. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.*

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