Hubble Contacts | Review

Hello Lovelies!

If you wear glasses, like I do, you've probably looked into contacts. Me? I really had to have a nice, long think about getting contacts. I don't like things touching or going into my eyes... it's kind of a phobia. So that would make getting and using contacts an issue, right?

Well, it's safe to say that I've learned to do it myself, though I still have issues going to the eye doctor and letting them put drops in there. Or dilate them, whatever they do. Anyway, you'll most likely get where I'm going with this. Contacts are expensive.

It cost me $80 dollars the first time I bought my own contacts. And that was only for about two weeks worth! Can you even imagine how much that would be if you wanted them, for both eyes, for a year?! I've seen people say that you can get them cheaper on sites like 1-800-contacts or even But I'm going to be honest with you, there's always a friggen catch.

BUT. Not with Hubble. I was skeptical at first, because I've been tricked into this kind of thing before. You know the thing. Contacts for $14.99! $50 dollar contacts per month! Blah, blah. Liars. All of them. I was pleasantly surprised when Hubble offered only $30 per month, and the first time you order, you only have to pay for shipping! $3 dollars for a month's worth of daily contacts? SUCKED. IN. (Note: I need to say that a month's worth of dailies to me would be about two weeks worth to someone else. I don't wear contacts everyday!)

Of course, I still needed to wear them and make sure they were comfortable. My eyes are sensitive, they don't like just ANY contact. Because they are high maintenance, fitting with the times. Once Hubble verified my prescription with my doctors, they sent over the cutest little boxes and I was ready to go. I had to wear them for a good month before I was 100% decided: I was never ever ever getting back together with regular contacts again.

Not only are they comfortable, they are crystal clear and sharp. It was like I was seeing with brand new eyes! *Insert Paramore reference here* Plus, they're super affordable! I definitely don't wear my contacts everyday. I still like to put my glasses on when I'm feeling particularly lazy. So this saves me even more money because I'm not shelling out $80 dollars here and there to make sure I have a supply of contacts for when I feel like wearing them.

I highly suggest you try out Hubble! Because the only thing you have to lose is that high bill.

*This post is not sponsored! All opinions are my own, as always*