Why I Would Never Write a Negative Review

by - 1/19/2017

Hello Lovelies!

Can we all agree that we're fumbling adults in this hectic world? Cool - because I seriously don't know what I'm doing half the time. When it comes to blogging though, I always seem to know what I want to write about. Lately, anyway. And while I might not quite get everything done the way I'd like, I'm still happy with what I've put out there for you or anyone else to see.

Recently, I got asked if I would write a negative review on a specific company's beauty product. From a different company. This blew my mind. It's still blown. They either a) thought I would do this because my blog is small or b) thought I would do this because they were offering me exposure and free products.

They are wrong on both. I wanted to write this post, not to expose this particular company; you know who you are, but to let you guys know that I would never write a negative review in this way. I review products I buy or are kindly sent by the good ol' method of trying it out. And even still, I would never dedicate one post to bashing and putting down something I didn't like or just didn't work for me.

I give the goods and some of the bads, and why it didn't work for me. Books and movies are different, I think, but I would only write the truth of how I felt, not what some other company wanted me to say.

This post is here so you guys know what I'm about. And so other bloggers out there aren't bullied or bribed into doing something like this just because of what they could gain from it. In the scary world that we live in now, we should be putting out as much positivity as possible.

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