Battle of the Dry Shampoos | Review

by - 2/22/2017

Who would have ever thought that I would be using dry shampoo?

To be completely honest, I had never even heard of the stuff until I started watching YouTube beauty guru's. In high school and college, it was unknown to me, and that sucks because it probably could have helped me survive the mornings where I woke up late and had to race out the front door.

Since then, I've definitely experimented with them and found some I really like. And some I definitely don't. I've gone from the ever popular Batiste to the not so popular, (in my opinion, just because the name was new to me), Amika. Here I have three dry shampoos to share with you, and why you should give them the good old college try!

THIS is probably the most coveted one in my little collection. For a short while, you could only get this across the pond, and it killed me so much. I was actually so impatient to get it's matching shampoo/conditioner/hair mask, that I ordered them off of Amazon from some seller in Germany. Of course, as soon as it comes to my front door do I go to the store the next day and see them on the shelves. OI.

But that was when I was able to get the dry shampoo. And man, has this stuff saved my life! I have particularly stubborn, oily roots, which means I'm constantly washing my hair when I don't really need to be. All because I just have an excess of oil. Thanks genetics! This, by itself and paired with its cohorts, have banished the oil on my two day old hair. I know that technically all dry shampoo is supposed to absorb oil and make your hair feel cleaner, but this is the only one that has really done the job properly. WORTH ALL THE MONEY.

Pantene has a pretty good hair line, amiright? I got this when I ran out of my Herbal Essence and I have to say that it's been doing it's job fairly well. As mentioned above, my oily roots have me taking endless showers, so I need to have something to help me battle that and put it off for another wash. Typically, the morning after a shower, I need to use something.

While this has helped, I can't say that it was doing the best job. I had to carry this thing around in my bag to touch up during the day. While I would buy this again if I needed too, I don't think I would pick it over the L'Oreal above. However, if you don't have super oily roots, definitely try this one out. It smells amazing and will make you feel like you have fairy hair!

COLAB was a brand that I really wanted to try when I first learned about it a few years ago. Of course, this was one of those brands that wasn't selling in the States. So I either had to get creative or wait. I decided to wait. FINALLY, American Eagle decided to save my life and brought a line of these bad boys to their online store. And I grabbed this one. The baddest of all the baddies. LONDON EXTREME VOLUME.

Because of my oily roots, (a constant issue, you see?), my hair is flat most of the time. I thought that this would help liven it up a bit. I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff. While yes, it does give me the volume I want, I feel like that's kind of taken away with the amount of residue it leaves behind. I have never not gotten residue when spraying this into my hair. And it's not just a little. It's SUPER WHITE. I spend more time getting rid of the residue then I do anything else and that kind of defeats the purpose of dry shampoo to me. But the volume! Struggles. 

Which one are you most likely to try?

*All opinions are my own, as always!*

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