The Thin Hair Diaries | Battling the Flakes, Part 2

by - 2/26/2017

Ah, the age old tale of dandruff.

I'm sure many of you have suffered from dandruff at least once in your life, right? And if you haven't, you're very lucky. I've been having the little snowflake issue since late 2015, (you can see the post I made of my first couple rounds of fighting it here).

As you can probably assume because of this post, I'm still having a pretty serious issue with the little demons. I have, however, found some things that I've been using in the last month that have helped to control them. What I've discovered and read about dandruff is that it never really goes away. Which sucks.

My first purchase was this Stimulating Scalp Mask by Philip Kingsley. It had some pretty good reviews, and for $30 a pop, I wasn't about to just dive in without getting in some research. This was very relieving on a scalp that had been getting scratched to pieces for the last week. My dandruff flares when I get sweaty or annoyed, so it was particularly bad the day I finally got this in the mail. Thank goodness.

The directions say to section your hair and rub this stuff in, then leave on for about twenty minutes. It felt so freakin' good, let me tell you! Washing it out was a breeze and my scalp felt great afterwards. I couldn't imagine a life without this stuff! But then... oh yes. My scalp ADAPTED to it. :O You're supposed to use this once a week for best results, so that's what I was doing, but after the third or fourth week, it wasn't doing anything. Sure, it still felt great when I put it on, but once it was washed out and my hair was dry, the itch was back.

Sadly, I feel like this was just a temporary fix, something that isn't going to be worth spending another $30 bucks on. However, I think it was good for me to at least try it. So it's kind of hard to suggest this to someone. I suppose if your dandruff and itch is mild, I would try it.

My next research mission brought me to Lush. I'm going to be honest, I had never really delved into their hair care range. I was more of the bath bomb and bubble bar person. But it seems silly not to look into everything that this store has to offer, since they boast their natural ingredients. So I was excited when I saw that they had something for flakes and itchy scalps. The reviews were mixed, which wasn't that promising, but how could I say no when I hadn't even tried it? A lot of people were getting good results, so I figured I should try my luck.

This stuff is gross looking and the smell isn't that great either. Not awful, but definitely no perfume. You do the same with this mask and part your hair, rubbing it onto the scalp and leaving it on for twenty minutes. This doesn't have that cooling sensation that the Philip Kingsley mask did, but I feel like this has a more lasting effect. Since it has wax ingredients in it, it can be pretty hard to wash out. they suggest getting the Rehab shampoo with it, as it is a very strong, cleansing shampoo. I was able to get a sample to try it out. It works, but my L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay shampoo does just as well as the other one.

In the end, I'm still testing the limits of Lush's mask. I want to give it at least two more weeks before I am one hundred percent decided. Will update!

Would you try either of these masks?
*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own, as always*

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