Le Temps Viendra

by - 5/15/2017

Hello, my dears!

As this Friday marks 481 years since Anne Boleyn was executed, I thought I would dedicate a post to her, as I've spent a good portion of my life reading and obsessing over her. I'm still not entirely sure what it is about her that I love so much, but I feel that I don't really need a reason. She was just a remarkable woman and has left an impact on my life, many, many years after her life ended.

A good website to learn more about her from is The Anne Boleyn Files. They don't just have information on her life, but they also delve into everything Tudor, so you can learn about everything having to do with the family.

The Tudors is a great show to watch if you really wanna get into the whole thing. Do take it with a grain of salt, though. Some of the things put into the show were for entertainment purposes and don't quite stick with the historical timeline. Though for the most part, they do a wonderful job at telling the story of Henry VIII and Anne, especially in the first two seasons.

Next is the very extensive list of books that I would HIGHLY recommend you jump into. I'm going to stick with my top five favorites, because if I do more, this post will be a book in itself!
  • Le Temps Viendra by Sarah Morris - This is a fun book about a woman living in the 21st century and in a personal love affair with Anne Boleyn. (Much like myself, LOL). Without giving anything away, something happens that allows her to really see things first hand about what it was to be Anne living in the 1520s to 1530s.
  • The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn by Eric Ives - The best biography of Anne to date, in my opinion. The author is very open minded and logical, talking about the rumors of Anne, but dispelling anything that might seem far fetched.
  • The Anne Boleyn Collection by Claire Ridgeway - Author and owner of The Anne Boleyn Files website, this is a composite book about everything and anything you could want to know about Anne and her immediate family. 
  • Mademoiselle Boleyn by Robin Maxwell - Anne's life through her own eyes, from France to England. This is historical fiction beautifully written!
  • The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn by Robin Maxwell - Another by Robin, this is yet another historical fiction book about Elizabeth finding the long lost diary of her mother. This of course never happened, but oh to only imagine! How amazing would it be to know everything that Anne was thinking about events that we have only been able to wonder about!
And voila! That is everything I have to offer to help celebrate and remember this poignant but amazing woman in history. I know this was slightly different from what I usually post, but I like to feel that this blog and the people that come here to read it share in my life, and this woman is a good chunk of it. Just ask my husband!

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