Thirteen Reasons Why | Book vs. Netflix

by - 5/27/2017

Like a lot of other people, I slid my way into watching Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix a few days after it had come out. And it was heartbreaking and moving and at one point I actually got so depressed about it that I had to have a Netflix fast and move on to something else. Anything else.

But I finished! And then I got the book. This is my first discovery of it. I never found it in school, for one reason or another. I bought the tenth anniversary edition from Thriftbooks, the one with the alternate ending in the back. The one where Hannah lives. I know a lot of people would have preferred that ending.


01. One Night | Unlike the show, which seems to take place over the span of a month, maybe longer, we see Clay listening to the tapes on and off. Actually, this was something that bothered me. I know it was for the show, to make the episodes last longer and to really build suspense. But oh my God, it was so annoying. How he kept questioning what it was that he did to belong on the tapes instead of listening through to find out what it was. I shouted at my computer screen quite a bit throughout this show. And mostly at Clay.

02. Clay's Parents | Am I the only one who thought his mother was a bit overbearing in the show? She nagged him, and his father, so much that I couldn't quite stand it. Of course, I can understand why. She's a lawyer in this case about a girl who killed herself, defending the school, and her son is acting out. Doing things he wouldn't normally do and then the father isn't doing too much to help, aside from talking to him once and a while. I get that she's concerned and worried for him. But I much prefer the mother in the books, who was understanding that her son might just be going through something. But that goes back to the whole one night compared to a month scenario.

03. Clay's Classmates | This is kind of something I didn't quite understand. Were they, and by they I mean Justin and his stupid friends, constantly mean to Clay because they didn't want people to find out what happened? Or were they subconsciously protecting Bryce? Justin didn't want Jessica to find out what had really happened the night of that party, but does it really make it okay to beat on Clay when it was his fault, essentially? I don't know, I think a lot of his classmates could have been a million times nicer to him.

04. Tony | Not going to lie. I loved Tony in the show and in the book. He's like this guardian angel watching over Clay and Hannah. But in the show, I really liked how he gave the tapes to Hannah's parents in the end. They aren't mentioned much in the book, and considering that Hannah didn't leave a note for them, giving them something so they know what happened must have meant a lot. Even if it hurt them more to know that they could have helped or something.

05. Hannah's Death | So, in the book, Hannah commits suicide by overdosing. Which, from research, shows that that is kind of the most popular way teens do it. It's painless and rather fast acting. In the show, she fills up a tub and cuts her wrists. I believe they chose his route because it was more visual... like way more visual, and it gives more impact on the viewer. Trust me, I felt incredibly low after watching Hannah's death scene.

Regardless of whether you watched the show or read the book, or both, Hannah's story is very important. Millions of people feel like her and there are so many things that we can do to prevent this from happening. If you or someone you know feels this way and needs help, please go to for information.

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