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by - 7/23/2017

Blogger's Note: Hi guys! This is my first official ARC review. Which means I was sent an advanced, lightly edited copy of this book by the publisher. I'm going to be posting my review on Netgalley and Goodreads, but they will be edited for language. If you're reading my review here, please note that I use... excessive profanity.

Anyway, let's get on with this review.

What if you could wish for anything - and get it?

That is precisely what happens to this small town in the Mojave Desert. It is a secret only to their town of Madison, no one in the 'outside world' knows of this special little quirk you get for living here. Can I move there?

Also, I would 10,000% wish for money. Get out. Don't act like you wouldn't even consider it. At least financial stability, let's be real.

I noticed in the first couple of chapters, that our main character Eldon, is a giant prick. If he's not angst-ing away over his wish, which is 95% of the book, he's being a jerk to other people over their own wishes. Plus there's this whole thing of being a twat to his ex and some girl who doesn't even like him, though he's so egotistical that he believes she does. He whines over his loss in popularity, (other people have wished to be popular, so someone has to go down, naturally), he's mean to what friends he does seem to have, has very little thought to strangers just passing through the town, and he just generally has a bad friggen mindset.

The only thing that could possibly save him as a character is his grief over his sister, who suffered a tragic accident. But throughout the book, Eldon DOES NOT change. Let me say this again, THERE IS NO CHARACTER GROWTH. He has some serious issues, knows about them, but does nothing to try and fix them.

A lot of the characters that have been placed in this town are all kind of jerky, now that I think back on it. They are all so obsessed with wishes that it seems to have consumed them. The only character that I think has any type of interest for me is Norie, whose wish it is to never be able to return to Madison once she leaves after graduation. She wants to make something of herself in the world outside of their small town and not come back with her head hung low. I can see why. People claim to hate the town and want to leave, but they just make their wish, have a family, and the cycle starts all over again.

I feel particularly bad for Eldon's father, Harmon. He was wished into the life he has now because of his wife, who wished for him to love her. Forever. Not only did she completely manipulate his free will, she eventually fell out of love with him, as you do. But he can never fall out of love with her. I'll give her credit, she hasn't divorced him and is living with her punishment of being in a relationship she no longer wants to be in. And I think it only fair that she's miserable after what she did. But it's definitely hard to read the scenes between the two, because he only wants to make her happy and she wants nothing to do with him.

A scene that pissed me off in this book, so much so that I RED FLAGGED the fucker. It's the first 'official' time we see Eldon and Merrill go to the hot springs, which is the hot spot for all the teens to hang out, apparently. Which I think is kind of ridiculous since one of the only ways to get there is to rope climb up a friggen cliff. Anyway, so they're there, walking around and greeting people. When Penelope comes over, (a rather sweet character that we do meet early on), and greets Eldon, super drunk. It's at this point Eldon looks to Merrill and basically says with a look, I could so score with her right now. BECAUSE SHE'S DRUNK. Fuck you.

A little nitpicky thing that I have with the writing... well, maybe not so much the writing, but there's this one phrase that the author uses a lot that just irritates me. She writes a sentence just like this and adds yeah? at the end of it. This might be overkill, but I'm going to share with you JUST HOW MUCH SHE DOES THIS.

Chapter 1: No one likes being bored, yeah?
Chapter 2: ...and be done with it, yeah?
Chapter 4:'s not just her looks, yeah?
Chapter 5: ...more beautiful always comes along, yeah?
Chapter 6: ...if it was only football, yeah?
Chapter 8: ...saying he's a serial killer, yeah?
Chapter 8: -brain-eating parasites, yeah?
Chapter 14: a pretty open-minded place, yeah?
Chapter 15: The wishes are listed, yeah?
Chapter 16: That should make me happy, yeah?
Chapter 16: I'm a dick, yeah?
Chapter 17: ...have a sense of foreboding, yeah?
Chapter 17: I guess it's morbid, yeah?
Chapter 19: ...doesn't have that much power, yeah?
Chapter 20: ...can't help but admire that, yeah?
Chapter 21: ...amount to more than that, yeah?
Chapter 23: But I'm pretty shaken up, yeah?
Chapter 25: ...that big of a deal, yeah?
Chapter 27: a lot more appealing, yeah?
Chapter 27: Talk can be therapeutic, yeah?
Chapter 28: into the wish cave, yeah?
Chapter 28: ...seem like a brilliant idea, yeah?
Chapter 30: It happens, yeah?
Chapter 32: ...can't help but run wild, yeah?
Chapter 32: It's all very dramatic, yeah?
Chapter 39: ...loves getting their ass kicked, yeah?

The word 'yeah' is probably used about 100+ times in this book. Now that's overkill.

Side Note; I do actually really like the premise of this book. Make a wish just because you live in this small town? Yes, please! There is so much potential with this kind of plot, and sadly, we don't see it executed in the best way possible. IMO. Also, with a title such as this, I was a little disappointed that there wasn't even one single hint at the Princess Bride. No character named Westley... missed opportunity!

As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti will be published in January 2018.

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