Write Now.

by - 8/07/2017

There are things in life that I'm not so good at.

Words being one of them. And when I say words, I mean talking about my feelings out loud with other people. I feel like I'm better at writing them down, but then again, I've never been consistent with that either.

I've been wanting to start journaling, but to be honest, I don't completely know where to start. I found a lovely YouTuber by the name of Lavendaire who had a great video on what she writes about and on her blog, she had a sheet with a list of things that you could write about. You can find a million things to journal about on Pinterest, but I needed something more than that.

I needed examples.

I have nothing to show right now, but I have a small collection of notebooks that I'm going to start filling with some of the things that she has shown. Not the complete same, mind you, but I like that I now have a base to work off of. That little bit of foundation is comforting.


*photo by Nine Kopfer*

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