Palettes from Ebay | Review

by - 9/22/2017

So, everyone here has probably looked into a cheaper alternative for the hottest trend currently out, right? Why pay full price when you could get it a little cheaper from our old friend, Ebay?

Of course, there are dangers to this method; the fakes. You are never guaranteed an authentic anything from the site, unless you really do your research. Today, I'm going to show you two palettes I got from the site, of two popular brands.

These two palettes are two that I've had my eye on, but have resisted from purchasing for one reason or another. Whether it be price or the actual brand. And now I have them. Or rather, now I have the fake copies of them.

The first is a very popular palette by Kylie Jenner. Now, the reason I stepped away from buying the real deal from her website is because it's very expensive and I can't say that I'm a huge fan of hers. But the colors in this burgundy palette were right up my alley. So I looked for an alternative on Ebay, and I found one. I've watched the videos of how to tell a real from a fake, but really, the only thing you need to know is that the real palette will have so much more pigmentation in the colors than any fake will have. And you need to wet your brush a bit and do a couple of layers with any color from this palette to get some good color.

But for the price that I paid for it, I think it works very well. I'm very happy with it and I love all the colors. It has some decent fallout when it comes to the glittered shadows, but that's nothing a little setting powder and a brush can't take away. Remember when you're buying dupes of makeup brands, to look at the ingredients on the back. I've seen some of this dupes including GLUE of all things in them, which is obviously not something you want to put on your lips. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

The Nubian palette was another that I've been staring down for a while now. I love the natural tones that are included in this, and, not to mention the fact that it pays homage to Nefertiti. I was absolutely obsessed with Egypt back in the day and I still love reading about everything old school Egypt, so this is the perfect palette for me. The color payout is about the same, but I feel like this one is a little bit better in that area. I didn't look up anything on how to tell a fake from a real version on this one, but to be honest, I'm not that concerned. I'm very happy with it.

If you're interested in looking for good dupes like these, take a look on Ebay! You can always buy the originals from the companies websites, which I do recommend, but this is a good way to go if you're looking to save some money.

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