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by - 9/17/2017

I honestly have no words for the book I have currently been reading.

You might be familiar with the movie version of The Circle, with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. I went into this movie without having read the book, which is something I don't normally do. I quite liked the movie, honestly. But the book...

Oh man, this book is so completely different from the movie that I feel it was just used as an outline. It's a bit more vulgar and just... irritating. If you've seen the movie you know that everyone wants Mae (Emma) to be more social and yadda yadda. So they encourage her and whatever. But in the book it's like they're berating her for not socializing with other people, for not being more active on their version of social media. So much so that Mae believed she was getting fired.

This irritated me so much and I actually almost stopped reading. But I powered through, knowing that other changes would be coming. And I can't say that it gets much better. This is probably the first book I've completely finished that I can say I actually rather hated. I HATE THIS BOOK. 😠

This next book, Wars of the Roses: Bloodline, was going to be my next venture. Until I realized that it was the third in it's series. 😑 So I won't actually be reading this one just yet. It's going to have to sit on my desk, looking beautiful and tempting, until I get the first two.

I suppose this is good though, since I can stay on my planned path of what to read next, which is going to be Jandy Nelson's I Will Give You the Sun. I tend to not follow my own reading plans and just pick up whatever I feel like reading next. And there is nothing wrong with that, but I NEED STRUCTURE.

What have you been reading?

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