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by - 10/01/2017

I am a lover of tea.

Whenever it's particularly cold out, or I have some kind of illness going on, tea is there to save the day. It is a constant companion and has come along with me on all kinds of adventures; both real and literary.

I've actually discovered this brand of tea before, kind of unexpectedly. This company allows you to make your own blends of teas, and I bought a few made by fans of a game I play. So it was definitely cool to find out that it was the same company!

Following, I have a couple of different blends that I'm pretty excited to share with you. With Autumn on the way, there's a decent handful of these that are going to fall perfectly in line with my routine.

Peppermint Tea |
What else can be said about Peppermint tea? I feel like this is the most comforting and readily available tea that you can find. I like adding a bit of lemon to it as I find it makes it a bit sharper in taste, but this is perfectly good on its own and all year round!

Tea-tox Tea | There is nothing like a good ol' detox tea to flush out your system. (Just erase the graphics of that, would you?) This comes in a pretty cool metal tin, easy for re-using as future storage for even more tea, or whatever bits and bobs you want to keep safe. My first impression of this was that it was quite crisp and fresh, without being too overbearing. I've had detox tea before and the particular one I had was like... a heavy duty detox. Very strong in taste and it was like a punch to the face. But this is very mellow and something that you could find yourself drinking more than a couple times throughout the day. I would stick to just one in the morning though, as you don't want to detox too much in a day.

Lavender Earl Grey | When first opening this tea, the first thing that hits you is the smell. It's so beautifully fragrant! I have to admit that Earl Grey has always been a favorite of mine, so I might be a little biased here. The lavender is a wonderful addition though and honestly, I have no idea why I have never had this one before. This is a tea that you can drink all the time, though I think I'm going to stick to those nights where you had a really stressful day and just want to relax. This is the tea that will get it done.

Masala Chai | Oh my God. Is there a tea more spicy than this one? If I could put Autumn in a tea, it would be this one. This actually tastes better with a bit of milk added in. I typically take my tea with sugar only, so this was a different kind of experience altogether. I don't think I would drink this all year round. I like vanilla chai's no matter the weather, but this one is definitely an autumn drink.

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls | Now these were the weirdest things I've ever gotten. When you think of tea, you think of loose leaf or tea bags, but balls? These little things are hand-rolled and are super cool to make. When added to your hot water, they unfurl and pretty much look like a little tiny green dragon that tastes like jasmine. It's a little sugary flavored on it's own and was a completely new experience!

Spiced Apple Chai |
This was a tea I was very excited for. Yes, the name says it all, but they also came in large tea bags, so you could steep entire pitchers full of the stuff! You could do hot or cold, it doesn't matter, but the taste is so so good! It's as it says; spiced apple in a chai tea. Perfect for the new fall season!

Do you have a favorite tea?

*This post is sponsored by Adagio Teas! All opinions are my own, as always.*

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