My Top Ten Throwback Albums

by - 11/25/2017

Is there an album that just brings back all the memories?

I was recently going through all of my CD's in storage, trying to make some room, and we all know I ended up just going through everything because of nostalgia. Music is the best form of media to remember old times. Songs can just stick with you. So here are my top ten!

1 | A Day To Remember; What Separates Me From You - This is my college days anthem. I fell completely in love with this album and continue to listen to it on repeat to this day. There is just something so rejuvenating about being able to scream about something but then finish it off with some singing. You know, the normal kind. Favorite Song; All I Want.

2 | Britney Spears; Britney - The Queen of Pop broke out of her conservative, innocent shell with this self-titled album and so did I. At the ripe old age of eleven I was so ready to grow up and do whatever the hell I wanted. In moderation, of course. Favorite Song; Anticipating.

3 | N'Sync; No Strings Attached - Who didn't love the good old puppets of the 2000's? To be honest, this was the album where I discovered N'Sync and I still don't know, or own, any album before this one. I'm a believer in not needing to know every artist's song that they've ever made to be a fan. Favorite Song; It's Gonna Be Me

4 | Matt Nathanson; Some Mad Hope - I think like most Matt Nathanson fans, I discovered him with his song Come On Get Higher, from this album. But I instantly fell in love with Matt and his songs. He's become a big part of my life, with this album being my favorite. I listen to this and his new releases all the time. I have my 'Matt Nathanson Moments', my mother and I have a special connection with him as an artist, and I even got my husband to love him as well. Favorite Song; Sooner Surrender.

5 | Christina Aguilera; Christina Aguilera - Self titles albums look so weird here. 1998/1999 was the time of pop queens and kings, and I was a fan of both the top queens of the day. While I haven't followed Christina around like I have with Britney, her first album will always have a special place in my heart. It helped that she did Reflection for Mulan, because that was another connection. Her voice is like no other and this is an album where you could bounce around the room without abandon. Favorite Song; I Turn To You.

6 | JoJo; JoJo - JoJo was the biggest thing in 2004 with her debut album. She was all my friends and I talked about, listened to, danced too. She was IT. Every song on this album brings back so many memories of putting on pretend concerts, dancing in the back of my step-father's truck bed, using it as a stage and singing to other love lorn girls who were still figuring out who they were. This was the anthem. Favorite Song; Fairy Tales.

7 | Boys Like Girls; Boys Like Girls - Have you noticed a lot of these are the artist's debuts? When it comes to debuts, you can't really beat BLG. This was kind of a new thing for me when this came out, a new style, and I really fell for them hard. I recently took my best friend to see their 10th Anniversary show, where they celebrated this album. And it was still as good. Favorite Song; Five Minutes To Midnight.

8 | Avril Lavigne; Let Go - Avril was everything when this came out. Complicated was everyone's favorite song and they would sing Sk8er Boi on the bus in the mornings. I can't really remember when this album fell out of popularity, because I still hear it all the time. Favorite Song; Anything But Ordinary.

9 | Paramore; Riot! - This. Is. Everything. I can't even begin to tell you all the 'concerts' I put on in my room, pretending to be the fire haired singer, bouncing on stage with incredible energy. The lyrics were something I could relate to at the time and if anyone says that they didn't own this, listened to it, liked it, they are LYING. Favorite Song; Crushcrushcrush.

10 | Maroon 5; Songs About Jane - The album that put them on the map. The album that, I believe, is so under rated, is so overlooked when compared to their newest songs. Their debut has some BEAUTIFUL songs. The instrumentals are gorgeous and relaxing, and if you have the 10th Anniversary Edition, you can listen to the demos. And those are just as perfect. Favorite Song; Sunday Morning.

BONUS! The first CD I ever owned;
Britney Spears; one more time - Who didn't own this album? Everyone I knew, all my friends, friends parents, even some boys, had this album. It is the definition and the pinnacle of music in the 90's and it's going to outlive us all. Favorite Song; Soda Pop.

The first CD I bought on my own;
Creed; Weathered - I don't know if I should be proud about this or ashamed, but this was the first album I bought all on my own. I haven't listened to it in years, but I also can't bring myself to get rid of it. I still have mixed feelings. Favorite Song; One Last Breath.

What are some of your throwback albums?

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