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by - 12/05/2017

I'm jumping the gun this year and getting ahead with my New Years Resolutions. (Should that be capped? Does it matter?)

Ah well, my goals for last year were the following:

2017 Resolutions
♥whoops, get that car fixed! body work, new rear windshield wiper, rear brakes. yikes.
♥get healthier! work out and meal plans.
♥save more money for an amazing vacation!
♥worry less, plan more.
♥develop and stick to a routine.

Did I stick to all of those?


Alas, they were written with good intentions, but the year escaped me, as it does. My car still needs body work, though I am proud to say that it has new brakes and windshield wipers, front and back. I saved up some money. Not enough for a great vacation, but enough that if something happened, I have a good emergency fund to fall back on. And that's it. Ugh.

So with more good intentions, here are my 2018 goals!

2018 Resolutions; a task list for the year.
♥save even MORE money.
♥read even MORE books.
♥let's try getting healthy again, shall we?
♥focus more on myself

Let's do this.

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