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by - 12/03/2017

When contacts become too much hassle, I turn to my glasses.

My trusty frames have never let me down. And while I have ordered newer ones in the past, I always come back to these babies. There is only one problem; while my frames don't change, my prescription does.

It may not seem like such a big deal. I can just go out and get the lenses changed out, right? Oh yeah, sure. But let's consider the fact that my insurance definitely doesn't cover it and just getting a quote for the service at LensCrafters was over $300! Yikes!

So naturally, I took on the task of locating a website that would do this service for me, at a much more reasonable price. I asked the company that I bought my frames from, but sadly, that's not something they offer. My next step was the golden mark. Thankfully, I didn't have to look too long!

Lensabl offered everything that I was looking for. You select the type of prescription you have, what lenses you'd like, (I got the blue light lenses to ease my eye strain), and then you plug in your prescription. You can upload a picture of it, or send it right to them. And that's it! You pay and they'll send out a prepaid box to your house, where you lovingly place your precious frames and send it back out. And then it's just a waiting game.

All together, I think it took two weeks total for me to get the box, ship my glasses out, and then get them in the lab and reshipped to me. Inside, my glasses were packaged up in a beautiful glass case with some handy eye glass cleaner and cloth. Everything you could want from a service and more!

I've been wearing and testing the glasses for two weeks now, and I have zero complaints. My old outdated, scratched up lenses were a thing of the past! I can now see more clearly and my eye strain has lessened practically overnight. The exact thing I had wanted was exactly what I got! If you're looking to keep your frames but get new lenses, Lensabl is the way to go!

Try them out at their wesbite, here, where you can watch videos and get your questions answered!

*This post is not sponsored! All opinions are my own, as always.*

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