My Blogging Goals | January 2018

by - 12/31/2017

It's time for some blogging goals!

Now, I've already made my New Years Resolutions, but these are something a bit different. In terms of blogging, I need to step it up just a little bit. And this is just going to be a reminder for me to keep on it.

1| Timing I really need to work on timing my posts. Scheduling them and writing them ahead of time so I always have something to post for the week. I love how relaxed I can be with my blog and still manage to get my posts out on time, but I want to give myself even more of a break. I'm going to start writing my posts in bulk and scheduling them to post once, maybe even twice a week, depending on what kind of material I have and how much of it I have. I think this will really help.

2| Photography I'm actually really happy with the photography I have. I use my iPhone, which has been working out well enough for me. I also sometimes use free stock photos from Unsplash and that has helped me when I didn't have time to take certain images. However, I do want to work on my flat lays and getting them to look better.

3| Variety
I feel like I already have a good amount of variety in my posts, but I want to get some more lifestyle posts in. I don't typically post about my personal life or what I'm doing so I might do more of that. Though I love my beauty and book posts, so maybe this won't change at all. Who knows!

2017 has been an okay kind of year, so here's to hoping 2018 is even better!

Happy New Year!

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