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by - 12/04/2017

When it comes to reading, I don't think there is anything better then having something tangible in your hands.

Over the years, books have become digitized and made 'more convenient' to the constant traveler. While it's nice to have a book ready to go on your phone, (or Nook/Kindle, whichever you prefer), I find that having the real thing is just so much better. I'm always getting books from the library when I can't find something I want or if I'm not sure I'll like it enough to warrant a purchase.

As of right now, I'm four books away from completing my goal of fifty books read for the year! I'm so excited to be hitting it, but I also want to exceed it. For that to happen, I'm going to have to be reading constantly for the next few days and always have my next book waiting for me. Thankfully, Goodreads makes this fairly easy.

  1. The Pleasure Palace - almost done!
  2. Between Two Queens
  3. How To Be a Woman
  4. Wars of the Roses - Stormbird (Goal reached!)
  5. Starfish

I think I'm going to keep updating this list as the month goes on and I complete each one. I don't want to add too many, or I'll stress myself out. I like reaching my goals!

What books are you planning on reading for the rest of the year?

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