8 Remedies For Period Pains

by - 2/24/2018

The dreaded 'time of the month'. Every woman has to go through the upsetting reality that is the monthly period. And if you don't, you're either very lucky, or something else is going on.

I've just had a particularly nasty one this week, TMI?, and I know there are a ton of 'period comfort' posts out there, but I wanted to write one myself because... well, why not? There can never be enough advice or tips on how to get through the worst of your periods.

So obviously, everyone experiences their period in a different way. Some last longer, some shorter. Some feel pain, some barely feel anything at all. Some get upset stomachs, some get headaches. It all depends on you. So while I can't help with genetics, I can help with the symptoms! At least, the ones I'm familiar with.

1| Midol; This is not always my go to, admittedly. I only resort to Midol or Ibuprofen when my cramps are at their worst and I have to go out. It's not like we can avoid going places when we have our periods, unfortunately. I've called out of work when it's gotten pretty bad and I can't move without feeling like someone is stabbing me in the uterus, but for the most part, Midol does it's job.

2| Heat; I think this goes without saying, heat is probably one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Now, I'm no expert, so forgive me if this is completely wrong. Because we're 'cleaning' out so much blood, the heat helps attract more blood to the area and eases the flow. Maybe. I'm not one hundred percent on that, all I know is that when it doubt, the heat comes out.

3| Tea; Now I'm not saying that tea is a miracle worker. What I am saying is that when you have an upset stomach along with your period, tea can most definitely help. And the heat, heat!, feels good as well. Yogi makes a tea called Moon Cycle, specifically for periods. However, any tea will really do. At least for me. I prefer green tea or a nice lavender tea. Lavender helps to calm and soothe anyway, so it's just an added bonus.

4| Soups;
Again, with the heat! The sweet comforting heat! I know this post is starting to sound like you have a cold, but I'm super serious about the soup. Ramen is the freaking best because of all the sodium. I don't know about you, but I CRAVE salt when my period comes around. I hate it, but at the time, I'm in love with it. So Ramen is the best course of action for me. Of course, when I get super desperate, a trip to the closest fast food french fry is in order. But I really try not too. However, when the period demands something, you need to cater to it.

5| Stretching/Yoga; I know, I know. The last thing you want to do when you feel like you're being ripped in half is to get up and move around. This seriously helps though. It gets the blood flowing and that's good news for you because it won't get all clotted up down there in the piping. (Ick, bad analogy). Anyway, I don't do yoga expertly, but finding a simple video on Youtube is the easiest thing. And you'll feel better for it.

6| Ice Cream; There's no specific reason for this. We're bleeding a lot and it hurts. We deserve it.

7| Super Relaxing Bath Time; There is probably nothing better than taking a bath when you have your period. The heat! helps wonders, obviously, and if you get full body pains like I do sometimes, you're giving your entire body a well deserved rest. I like to use calming bath salts and bubbles over a typical bath bomb for this kind of bath. And lighting candles helps to set the mood, but that is definitely not necessary. Whatever helps you to feel more comfortable in the end is the best option.

8| Melatonin; This probably seems like a weird one. However, when I have trouble sleeping at night, especially with my period, I like to use this. It's a better option than the over the counter sleeping pill and it cuts out the danger of getting addicted. We all naturally create melatonin, it's what helps us fall asleep. So it makes sense to take a little boost when you're having trouble getting it going yourself. It helps you stay asleep through the night without feeling incredibly groggy the next morning. Win!

And that's all I have! If you do anything different to help combat our pesky Aunt Flow, let me know so I can give it a try!

*Photo by Vladislav Muslakov*

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