The Thin Hair Diaries | Texture

by - 2/02/2018

The struggle of just washed, thin hair is not something I would recommend to anyone. And if you know exactly what I'm talking about without having to say it, then I really feel for you. Trying to get a proper hairstyle after you've cleaned your hair and just having it flop around in your hands can be frustrating. Why is looking good so hard?!

Never fear, Kenra is here! This is the only product I've ever used from the brand and I don't think I'd survive a day without it, now that it's entered my life. I've tried sea salt sprays to give my hair some texture before, and while it definitely does give you texture... it also gives you, well, salt. I mean, not necessarily salt, but it adds this gritty feeling to your hair so it's not quite what I'm looking for when I'm walking into work. This stuff is absolutely amazing for giving my strands the grip I'm looking for.

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*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own, as always*

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