The Rattled Bones | Review

by - 5/28/2018

"Sometimes it is easier to keep secrets than live with our truth."

This novel was such a surprise for me. I received this in a book box, so I had no idea what I was getting. I briefly read the summary before diving into this, and let me tell you, I was not prepared.

Not prepared for the emotional trauma, the historical history, the ghosts!, the m/f friendship that didn't turn into anything more, and the beautiful grandmother/grand-daughter relationship. All of these things were wrapped up in a green cover and tangled with a mystery. And it was such a wonderful thing to read. Never did I think I would read, and like!, a book about lobster fishing. It was such an interesting and different setting from the books I usually tend to read. And so close to my own home as well!

Rilla Brae is a lobster fisherwoman who is taking over the business after her father passes away. Naturally, as with all things, she must work harder than her male counterparts. Her boyfriend is the son of her main rival, and while he seems supportive at first, it's quite apparent throughout the book that he has a one track mind and would rather she just fall in line beside him. But Rilla is smart. She wants to go to college outside of their little hometown, but she also doesn't want to leave her grandmother and the business.

There is an island not too far from the mainland that seems to suck in Rilla herself and history buff and student, Sam. The two form a friendship that thankfully stays that way and together they eventually fall into this historical mystery that they MUST solve; for it directly effects Rilla and her family history. The truth must come out and for the ghost trying to get through to Rilla, it is long overdue.

I'm not going to spoil the ending, but I think the mystery and character relationships is worth giving this a read. The mystery moves slowly throughout the book and you don't get the answers until the very end, which both bothered and pleased me. I think we all want things now! rather than waiting for the satisfying conclusion. It was a relief to finally know what happened and see Rilla make steps towards her future. It's also based on a real historical occurrence! So looking that up once I finished was fascinating as well.

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