What's In My Road Trip Travel Bag?

by - 5/21/2018

Florida bound!

At the time of this post, I'm already back and unwinding from my trip to Florida. I had quite the interesting vacation, but more on that in my next post. This is all about the beauty products I brought with me to fight the change in climate down in Florida. Some of these came in handy when I unexpectedly got sun poisoning (whoops!), so read on and learn how to fight and prevent that little treasure off.

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo | A must. Dry shampoo is just something I can't live without anymore. And this brand has become a favorite of mine recently. I particularly love the White Strawberry and Sweet Mint scent, shown in the picture. It's seriously the best smell ever.

Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen | This stuff is so cool and I'm sad I didn't get to use it as much as I would have liked. It's a really beautiful sunscreen that has a tint to it, so it's almost like a tan in a bottle. It protects you from the sun and gives you a tan! Perfect!

Supergoop! Sun Oil SPF 50 | This. This is the culprit that led to my sun poisoning. Oh dear, I should have known better. But after reading all the reviews of it on Sephora, I thought it would be a great alternative to regular sunscreens and thought I'd give it a try. A bad idea considering the sun is so much stronger down in Florida. I used it on my first full day there and was sufficiently cooked for the next three days. Stick with a lotion sunscreen, my friends!

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Mini | I needed a travel sized dry shampoo because walking around in the sun all day is not a friend for my scalp. I'd love to find a dry shampoo that has some SPF in it, but this worked well when I used it.

Mario Badesco Rose Water Spray | For the times when I needed a refresher, this was such a joy to use. I love the smell of roses and just a quick spray of this was all I needed to feel not so crummy after being in the sun for so long.

glide for her | Chub rub be gone! I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a bit on the chubby side and have the natural chub rub going on down there. This was such a savior since I didn't want to be in pants the entire vacation. Or at all. Putting this on in the places where my thighs rub together saved them from pain. It does need to be reapplied after a while, but it was my saving grace.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream | More like a gel, but this is good for the lips. You can use this anywhere, really. On your hands, your face, anywhere that needs some moisture. I like using it on my lips because it locks in the moisture and keeps them from getting dried out. The 8 hours is no lie.

PINK Coconut Oil Sheer Cooling Spray Lotion | Oh man, did this feel good after I got my sunburn. I'd never really had a reason to use it before because I'm always usually so cautious in the sun, but I'm so glad I thought to bring this with me!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Spray | I would never go anywhere without this. The Florida weather was so different to the New England weather I live in and my hair was unaccustomed to so much mugginess. My hair may have been poofy, but it definitely wasn't frizzy.

Garnier Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Serum | Paired up with the John Frieda Spray, there was not a frizz in sight when it came to my hair. I use this both on the regular after my showers, so they were a must when it came to Florida.

Coola ER Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion | MY SAVING GRACE! Sent to me from the Heavens above, this has helped my skin heal so fast after my sun burn. I don't think I'd just be in the after effects of the burn now without this gem. I bought it on a whim and mostly for my husband, who burns like crazy, but it turns out I was the one who used it the most and I can't thank Coola enough for making it. I think I'd still be hobbling around in pain if not for this!

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