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by - 7/09/2018

You all know I love a good product design...

Zoella Beauty always delivers. This time around we have palm tree leaves, hawaiian looking flowers, and hexagons. The color scheme is cute and bright, and honestly, there is no way that I could have been disappointed with this collection. I've seen that some of the formulas have changed for some items, so I was most interested in seeing how different they were compared to the last summer collection she released, Jelly and Gelato.

The bath items have always been creative with this brand. I will admit I haven't tried the bath milk from the Gelato range yet, but I definitely tried this one right away. A single sachet is good for one bath, though from the size of it, you can probably split it in half and get two uses out of it. This makes the water slightly milky and super hydrating. It didn't change the color of the water as dramatically as I thought, but my skin was so soft afterwards, so I've no complaints about that.

If there is one thing that Zoella Beauty does well, it's bubbles. The Splash Botanics version came in a milk carton like container, which I thought was so super cute and reminded me of the boxed water you can get. You only need a little bit poured into the tub and then you're covered in wonderful bubbles. I literally love this stuff!

I always love getting the mists because even though they are just a typical body mist, they last for at least twelve hours, in my experience. This year's scent is coconut water and lychee, which is a beautiful fresh and gentle scent. I've seen some reviews that claimed it smelled like a men's cologne, not in a bad way. I can't make that comparison, I don't think it smells like a men's cologne, though it could probably be a unisex scent. My husband liked the smell, so maybe that's a good indication!

I really liked the Shower Shake from the Jelly and Gelato collection, so I was glad that they brought it back with this release. It's good as a body wash, but it's even better as a shaving cream. It's incredibly moisturizing and hydrating so it leaves the legs super soft and lovely.

A new addition, the lip oil. I was very intrigued by this, as the last time they released a lip product, I wasn't quite a fan. It was a tinted balm from the Tutti Fruity collection and I haven't touched it since testing it out a little bit after it's release. I should probably toss it at this point. The lip oil, however, is not tinted and smells like cherries, rather than the fresh scent the rest of the collection has. It's supposed to smell like some baby doll from the 90's, which I think I remember, but I can't be sure. Regardless, it's a nice smell and while the oil doesn't last as long as I would like, it's been a nice addition to my makeup bag.

I completely forgot to take a close up of the body lotion, "Body Sorbet", but this is one of the products that has a new formulation. The last lotion we got had bursting beads that really helped to soften the skin and I can't even express how much I love it. The Quench Me sorbet is a weird looking lotion. It jiggles! However, it's incredibly light and sinks right into the skin once you put it on. It's not sticky and you don't have to wait to get dressed or do anything else because it's not lingering on the skin. It's perfect for the heatwave we've been having this summer!

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