Matt Nathanson Sings His Sad Heart

by - 8/21/2018

You probably won't be surprised, but I love Matt Nathanson.

And so does my mom. So our thing is that we like to go and see him as often as possible. His own tour for his new album is probably going to start soon. Maybe November. However, he was opening for O.A.R. at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom last week and we obviously had to go. He only played 15 - 20 songs, but Matt is the kind of performer that always gives a good show and we were not disappointed.

For me, Matt is a connection that my mother and I have. We share a lot of things and talk all the time, but we both enjoy seeing Matt and I love that it's become a kind of tradition for us. We've only seen him live twice, together, (she saw him open for Sugarland a few years back), but you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be seeing him again!

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