The Hangman's Secret | ARC Review

by - 8/01/2018

"Choices can have serious repercussions, but they have to be made, no matter if they set in motion a steamroller of consequences that will crush us into dust someday."

It's the late 1890's in Victorian London, and somehow the hangman has gotten himself hanged. And not just in a normal, dignified way. But who could have committed such a horrible crime? And what did this hangman know that cost him his life? Sarah Bain and her companions, Lord Hugh Staunton and Mick O'Reilly are determined to find out, even though they're just at the crime scene to take photos.

The three of them work for The Daily World, a newspaper owned by a former bank mogul who's desperate to solve this crime, despite the fact that they have no business solving murders. That's never stopped them before however, as the three had 'solved' the Jack the Ripper crimes and even found out who kidnapped their boss's young son. Before the police could even get a whiff. Which makes for quite a few enemies.

There are quite a bit of characters in this book that are incredibly hostile to the trio, it actually made my head spin. Some of them had history with them, from the first two books in this series, and the others were just plain nasty. I suppose when you're trying to solve a murder, people are just like that when you try to ask them questions. I quite liked the mystery here, and it took a lot of twists and turns that were unexpected, especially when it came to Sarah, whose personally history is quite fascinating.

Going into this installment without reading the first two in the series, I found that I wasn't lost or confused at all. The author gave enough information to where I felt like I had just met the three for the first time over tea and had heard brief mentioning's of their adventures in the paper or something similar. This could easily be a standalone. The writing style was easy to follow and I liked that the mystery and story was a little fast paced. The author was descriptive without being overly so.

Some things that did bother me, though I believe it's a little historically accurate, was how people treated Sarah and Hugh. Sarah was sometimes looked down on because she was a woman in an unconventional field of work for the times. And Hugh, well he's been turned away from his family and most of the people he knew because he's gay. The vulgarity directed at the two during some conversations was hard to get through. But if you can handle that, then this is a great mystery for you to get into!

The Hangman's Secret comes out January 8, 2019!

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