Autumn Playlist | BLOGTOBER 🍂☕🎃

by - 10/01/2018

There is nothing better than a good tune to get you into a mood.

It's nice to just lay back and listen to music. I think everyone feels this way. I've been loving this Autumn Leaves playlist from Spotify lately. It has some nice songs on it to really get you into the mood of fall and to just relax as well. When songs and playlists can serve two purposes, it's all for the better!

This normal Autumn playlist is one I've made myself. Some are songs that have been recommended to be and others are grabbed from other playlists, whichever I listened too and really liked. I play this one the most and the songs have really become a part of my daily routine.

Listen to some of these songs and get in the mood of autumn! And happy first day of Blogtober!


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