Autumn Tag! | BLOGTOBER 🍂☕🎃

The Autumn Tag!

I’d like to thank Naomi ( Room to Glow) for making the questions available on her blog!

1.What signifies the start of autumn to you?
When the trees start changing color, it's officially autumn! Our weather likes to vary in temperature, so we can't really say when it gets cold, it's fall, because sometimes it doesn't start getting cold until November! October has been pretty chilly this year, but the leaves changing lets me know that it's time.

2. Best way to spend a rainy day?
There is absolutely nothing better than turning on some fairy lights, lighting some candles, and settling down with a book. Sometimes I'll switch it up and watch a movie, but rain definitely means reading.

3. Your most fond autumn memory?
Raking the leaves. We used to stuff them in these bags that looked like pumpkins and would just scatter them all over the yard. It looked like we had grown and carved giant jack-o-lanterns!

4. Favourite fall scent?
The Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works. But also, when people have bonfires or are burning leaves/sticks, whatever they have in their yard. Smells so good.

5. What are you most excited for this fall?
Honestly, we still need to go on a hike. And quickly, since it's been getting very cold out lately.

6. Favourite autumn song?
FortyFive by Bootstraps.

7. Favourite autumn movie?
For now, I'm going to say Coraline, because I'm always putting it on. Mainly I just like it for the background noise while I'm doing something else, but I always stop and end up watching it. You can see all the other movies I watch here.

8. What TV shows are you looking forward to this autumn?
Oh man. I'm a bad TV watcher. I always say I'm going to sit down and watch something, and then never do. So unfortunately, I don't have an answer for this!

9. Favourite autumn colour?
A deep rust orange or a deep mustard yellow.

10. Favourite autumn fashion trend?
Scarves! They're both necessary and cute.

11. Your most loved outdoor autumn activity?
Taking walks, as boring as that sounds. It's nice to get out in the morning and allow the crisp morning air to wake you up. Plus the sun rising and making those trees look extra pretty? Perfecto.