Discovering Body Exfoliation | BLOGTOBER 🍂☕🎃

by - 10/21/2018

I know, this sounds ridiculous.

Of course I know what exfoliating means. And I've used body scrubs in the past and loved the results. However, I've delved a little deeper into it recently and my mind is blown. How have I not been doing this before?

The first thing you need, which I've never bothered getting before, is a pair of exfoliating gloves. These are relatively cheap and give you the extra exfoliating power you need to really make it effective. I got these in a beauty bundle from Zoella Beauty's newest Christmas range. You can see everything I got from the collection here.

Please excuse all the yellow, whoever designed the bathroom was clearly colorblind. Anyway, the next thing is a body oil. Now, I've never used a body oil before. I was never told that this is something that is very important to your skincare because it just sounds like a bad idea, right? Oil doesn't sink in right away and you can get it everywhere. And what are the real benefits anyway? Well, I don't know everything, but the main thing that stuck out to me was that it helps your skin look younger than it is and keeps it healthy. I'm sure there's more science to it. I started using this body oil from Wal-Mart. It's cheap, works great, and it smells like cocoa!

And last but not least, I use some kind of exfoliant to top everything off. I do all of this in the shower, so this is used after the oil and it helps to get off any extra dead skin cells that may have been missed. I know, who can really tell, right? I just so happen to be using this Zoella Beauty sugar scrub from their core collection, but I also love Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush.

Now when I get out of the shower, I'm super soft and feel extra scrubbed down. Dry off and layer on some lotion and you're good to go! This routine is especially important in the winter months, when everything is extra dry and unpleasant. It helps!

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