Favorite Teas & Treats | BLOGTOBER 🍂☕🎃

by - 10/16/2018

I love a good tea in the cold months.

 There really is nothing more calming and relaxing than tea. Honestly! Even the preparation of tea is relaxing for me, because I know that when it's done I can properly sit back and relax. Last year, I did an entire post on some beautiful teas with Adagio, which you can read here for some lovely recommendations.

Lately, my go-to tea has been peppermint. It wakes you up, it warms you up while giving you a cold, minty kick, and it's just a really invigorating flavor. I've been using Adagio's peppermint, but any brand will do. As with most teas, it doesn't really matter what brand you get. It's really hard to mess up tea.

To get relaxed at night, I've been leaning towards a wonderful Chamomile/Lavender blend. Both are good for helping the body to wind down and relax, so it's been really nice to have this on hand. Also, I won't lie, I've been a little obsessed with Lavender everything lately.

When it comes to something to snack on, I can't say I've been doing too much of it. But since it's autumn, those Pillsbury sugar cookies make a comeback and I love them fresh out of the oven. And apple crisp! Can't go wrong there!

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