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by - 10/04/2018

All About Ohii: The Background (and Best Products!) from Urban Outfitters New In-House Makeup Line

Brace yourself — Urban Outfitters has a brand new in-house makeup line.

Drumroll please! Introducing Ohii.

Spoiler alert: it’s all really cute. Their slogan? “It’s for you.”

We are officially enamored. Urban Outfitters has offered makeup for years, but we’re finally going to get their version of what they believe makeup should be.

Fans are scrambling to read and watch the influencers and beauty lovers who received press packages with this new makeup line.

UO fans couldn’t be more excited, and neither could we. Here’s what we know about Urban Outfitters’ new in-house makeup line.

The Ohii aesthetic? Fresh.

To start it off, let’s look at the packaging and colors. When looking at this line, it makes you want to take in a deep breath and say, “Ahh.”

One of their makeup pads literally says “light as air.” We’re guessing their aim here was to make a girl feel easy-breezy. Nothing wrong with that!

The Ohii line offers an intriguing product that’s called a “wake up pen” that you can use under your eyes to make your face look brighter and more awake.

Freddy vs. Jason, but make it Ohii

Everyone is so into skin masks right now, and UO knows it. Check out this positively COSMIC silver face mask that makes your face look alien-esque.

A silver face mask? You betcha.

This vegan mask brightens the skin (and as they mention, your selfie feed) and rejuvenates using essential blends of natural extracts and minerals. It’ll be perfect for fun Instagram stories and sleepovers with your girlfriends.

The metallic mask is oh-so friendly and and cruelty, gluten, paraben, mineral oil, and sulfate-free. They know their audience! This has to be one of the best products from the Ohii line.

Who could resist?

Smell great, naturally

Their deodorant product with simple design mirrors their fresh branding. The enticing deodorant scents include Citrus Tea and Fresh Rose (again with the fresh theme) — scents you’d want to relax with. Ohii is starting to feel like a day at the spa.

Natural deodorant is becoming more and more popular among millenials and Gen Z. We all now know aluminum in deodorant is bad, which is why Ohii offers a charcoal-based vegan deodorant that omits the bad stuff.

It’s retailed for $12, which is the same price for all natural deodorants like Schmidt’s or Native brands.

It’s certainly worth a try. This deodorant seems legit and UO always stays up to date on what we want!

Ohii’s luscious palettes

The Magic Hour Shadow Palette features the cutest names. Pixie is an icy-white, Stargaze is a satin deep plum color, and Siren is a charcoal grey.

They offer a great glide that is “creamy” and “silky.”

A review on the site says the color is “pigmented and lasts all day” which is important for eyeshadow!

Matte lips that don’t dry out

Instagram-worthy matte lips are still in and UO offers a product for those who love the look. The focus on this product is to keep it matte without losing moisture — a true challenge.

How do they execute this? With a liquid lip lipstick.

 This liquid lipstick goes on wet but dries in the desired flat matte you desire. The other focus on this lipstick is long-lasting. It’s formulated to last and look “bold for hours,” so you don’t have to worry about so much reapplying all day long.

Say goodbye to feathering and bleeding, too. This lipstick should stay in place the way lip color should.

I don’t think you’re ready for this lip jelly

If you’re not crazy about bold colors, Ohii has lip jelly!

Make your pucker more juicy with this purse-ready jelly tube that you can use whenever you need. Flavors include Agave, Mint, and Rose, which all sound yummy.

The formula includes castor seed oil and shea butter that’ll quench your lips when they feel dry or chapped. Think “dewy.” It’s only 8 bucks, so it’s a price that tells you it’s made with good ingredients, but it doesn’t break the bank.

Bippity Boppity Brows

The Ohii line Magic Hair Wand is by far the most interesting product in the line. At first glance, you’d think it was mascara, but it’s actually a tool to keep eyebrows, wispies, and flyaways in place when you’re doing a little primping in the bathroom.

This product must be aimed at the ultimate perfectionist! No more using empty mascara tubes, you know have a product specifically for perfecting your look and keeping those pesky parts of your style in place.


Honestly, we’re surprised Urban Outfitters didn’t have an in-house makeup line like this before. It’s time to grab on of every product and pick your new favorite. This line has it all and we’re here for it. You can also find good discount codes for beauty brands and Urban Outfitters specifically on top influencer sites like Dealspotr.

*Thanks to Rachel Auerbach for being a guest poster and for writing up such a lovely review of Urban Outfitters new makeup line! A few of those products look right up my alley! You can find Rachel over on her own blog here, or at Twitter and Instagram!*

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