what i love about autumn | BLOGTOBER 🍂☕🎃

by - 10/05/2018

I think it's safe to say that autumn is my favorite season. It used to be because my birthday is in October, but now it's much more then that. I've seriously grown to love this season for all of the best and comforting things that it offers!

I mean, there's nothing better than getting out the big, fluffy sweaters and cozying up. You feel warm, protected, and it's honestly just the best feeling I can think of. This definitely includes fluffy socks and soft blankets/pillows. I love the cool air and being cold in general, because then you can just layer on everything and feel snug! You can't do that in the summer, friends.

This list could possibly be endless for me. Seventy-five percent of the year, I'm drinking iced coffee and tea. I live in New England, which means I also drink iced coffee's and tea during the winter months. However, there is nothing better than hot tea and cider. I'm not a fan of pumpkin spiced drinks, but hot apple cider and any kind of tea (post coming soon!) and I'm immediately in the mood for fall. Actually, I'm always in the mood for fall!

This could easily fall under the fluffy sweater category, but I feel like hoodies need their own section. Are you wearing what you slept in underneath? Braless? No shirt at all? Who knows. Only you and your precious hoodie.

This is one of the best things; the leaves changing. I live in a really nice area, where you can see some mountains and let me tell you, the scenery in the fall is just gorgeous.

Technically, you can bake all year round. Nothing is stopping you. But I feel like the fall is the best time of the year to start. The beautiful smell of cinnamon and apple is a personal favorite of mine and honestly, if I could have that all year long, I would be perfectly content.

You can't beat the feeling of cozy in the autumn.

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