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by - 11/15/2018

I hate throwing parties.

There. I said it. I seriously dislike throwing parties. Why? Because I just can't focus on one thing long enough before I freak out over how many things I need to get together and get done before throwing my hands up and calling it quits.

One of my resolutions for the new year is going to be working on this. And I'm going to get a head start with the holidays. However, before we get to the merry time of the year, my mother's birthday is very close at hand. (As I'm writing this, it's today! Happy Birthday, Mum!)

I love personalizing things. While Basic Invite is mainly a website where you can pick and choose from thousands of birthday, holiday, and wedding invitations, they are so easy to customize that you can make them into anything you want, really. I turned this beautiful birthday invite into a simple and easy birthday card for my mum.

It was also super easy to make some lovely holiday cards! Basic Invite has really gorgeous foil options that you can use to give your invites a pop. The rose gold is my favorite, but you can also choose from gold and silver. They can also be raised or flat like the rest of the card. It really just depends on how fancy you want to be! I love the watercolor card I picked. I might not even give that one away!

As these invites are one hundred percent customizable, you can make whatever you can think of. The above was a Christmas card. The ones where you can put images of your family in and say something like, 'Happy Holidays! From, The Robinsons!' I used this design to make something cute for my husband with our wedding date on it. He loved it. 💘

If you own your own business, you can also find tons of business card designs on this site. Look at this really cool clear card! Honestly, if I needed to pass this around, I would have ordered a ton more. It's so different from any other business card I've seen and it would definitely get people to look twice!

I think my favorite part of this entire process was the amazing color options you could pick from. They have practically every color you could ever want and almost everything on every invite they have is up for changing. There are so many variations of the same invite that you could make! The envelopes all have tons of color options as well, so you don't just have to settle for a white or a cream to match that invite.

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Do yourself and your future parties a favor, use Basic Invite!

*This post was kindly sponsored by Basic Invite. All thoughts and opinions are mine, as always*

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