Sweetener/thank u, next Tour! ♥

by - 3/22/2019

I saw Ariana Grande!

Oh man, this was a couple of years worth of dreams realized. I've been wanting to see Ariana for a long time now and just seeing her on this tour after the crazy year she's had, it was nothing short of amazing. The visuals she had were, personally, my aesthetic. (I love space and the moon and NASA so we have that in common, ha.) They were beautiful and she sounded beautiful. I even captured a video of her crying during goodnight 'n' go, which was sad and happy and cute and ugh all at once. If you can, I highly suggest you go see her live at some point, because it was nearly indescribable.

Sweetener/thank u, next set list!

raindrops (an angel cried)
God is a woman
bad idea
break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored
childhood (video interlude)
R.E.M. (shortened)
Be Alright
Side to Side (w/ extended outro)
7 rings
Rule the World (w/ 2 Chainz) - surprise appearance
Close to You cover (og. by Frank Ocean. Video interlude)
Love Me Harder (shortened)
fake smile
make up
Right There/You'll Never Know/Break Your Heart Right Back (Yours Truly medley)
goodnight 'n' go
in my head (video interlude)
everytime (shortened)
One Last Time (shortened)
the light is coming (shortened)
Into You (shortened)
My Heart Belongs to Daddy (og. by Marilyn Monroe. Video Interlude)
Dangerous Woman
Break Free (shortened)
no tears left to cry
thank u, next (video interlude)
thank u, next

*First image not mine*

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