Zoella x Colourpop | Review

by - 3/18/2019

A collection made just for me!

Well, not really. But without gushing too much over the packaging, this collection is literally right up my alley. The neutral but fun eye shadows, the lip colors that are safe enough for me to try without worrying whether I'll look ridiculous, all of this was all I needed to get my hands on the Brunch Date collection.

I feel like people can go one of two ways with this collection, either really loving it, or liking it and not needing it. It's not a revolutionary collection, honestly. It's hard for most brands to do that these days, but this is one of those collections where I think everyone can benefit from something. I love the shadows. There's a good mix of shimmer and matte to play around with and they blend so well. If you're familiar with Colourpop's eye shadows, then you won't be disappointed. You can make a really good day to night look with this.

The blush and highlighter that come in this collection are very pretty. The blush is subtle enough where you don't have to layer it on. You just need the smallest amount. The highlighter is just the same, the right amount for a gentle glow on the cheeks, though I wouldn't use it on my nose or anywhere else, you'd have to pile it on.

 The eyeliners are probably one of my favorite things. They are so super creamy and blendable! They come in a black and brown shade, each with just a small amount of glitter. I wouldn't normally go for a sparkle eyeliner, but these are light enough where it would only be noticeable in the light.

The supernova shadows! I've never used these before and wow! I love the rose gold and copper colors. These were definitely made for me. They go on smoothly and are really easy to blend, which was surprising because I thought they were going to be sticky. Thankfully I was wrong because that would have felt gross on the eyelids.

The lips is where I usually have the most issues. My lips don't tend to like anything that isn't a gloss or chapstick. I've always had these issues. But I tried these and I love them so much. My lips still did the thing where it looks really weird with a color on top of them, but the matte colors really did make it look not as bad as it usually would have with a typical lipstick. All in all, I really like this collection and would recommend getting at least one thing from it before it's gone.

Zoella x Colourpop PR Collection

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