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by - 10/17/2019

Hello Lovelies!

As I was preparing this post, I've noticed that I've been tending to do my book shelf tours/updates around the same time every year. I had a good chuckle over that, but why put this off for another month?

I'm constantly buying and acquiring new books, so my shelves are changing all the time. I also added another bookshelf to my office this year, so I have a little more space. Though don't be surprised... I filled it up the second it was built.

I had a lot of overflow...

So here is the first born of my bookshelves. This one holds most of my series and ninety-five percent of my Tudor novels. There are some new babies in here, if you look carefully. As usual, I will link any books I've done reviews on.

Bookshelf One; Top Shelf
♥Harry Potter 2013 Edition Boxed Set | J.K. Rowling

Bookshelf One; First Shelf
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone | J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban | J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire | J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | J.K. Rowling
♥Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince | J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows | J.K. Rowling

♥Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales | Jacob Grimm
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child | J.K. Rowling
♥Essays | Ralph Waldo Emerson
♥Shakespeare's Works Volume 12 | William Shakespeare
♥The Tales of Beedle the Bard | J.K. Rowling

♥Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (UK 20th Anniversary Slytherin Edition)
♥Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (UK 20th Anniversary Slytherin Edition)

Bookshelf One; Second Shelf
♥Divergent | Veronica Roth
♥Insurgent | Veronica Roth
♥Allegiant | Veronica Roth
♥Four | Veronica Roth

♥The Hunger Games | Suzanne Collins
♥Catching Fire | Suzanne Collins
♥Mockingjay | Suzanne Collins

Girl Online | Zoe Sugg
Girl Online: On Tour | Zoe Sugg
Girl Online: Going Solo | Zoe Sugg

Madly | Amy Alward
♥Royal Tour | Amy Alward
♥Going Viral | Amy Alward

♥Alice's Adventures in Wonderland | Lewis Carroll (Camille Rose Garcia Illustration)
♥Henry VIII | William Shakespeare
♥Macbeth | William Shakespeare
♥Romeo and Juliet | William Shakespeare
♥Romeo and Juliet | William Shakespeare (yes, I have two copies)
♥Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and Other Lies) | Scarlett Curtis
♥Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl | Anne Frank
♥I Have Lived a Thousand Years | Livia Bitton-Jackson
♥Night | Elie Wiesel
♥The Five People You Meet in Heaven | Mitch Albom
♥The Next Person You Meet in Heaven | Mitch Albom
♥The Perks of Being a Wallflower | Stephen Chbosky
♥The Picture of Dorian Grey | Oscar Wilde

Bookshelf One; Third Shelf
♥Wolf Hall | Hilary Mantel
♥Bring Up the Bodies | Hilary Mantel
♥Mademoiselle Boleyn | Robin Maxwell
♥The Hemptameron | Marguerite de Navarre
♥The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn | Robin Maxwell
♥The Anne Boleyn Collection | Claire Ridgway
♥The Boleyn Deceit | Laura Andersen
♥Mary Boleyn | Josephine Wilkinson
The Tudor Treasury | Elizabeth Norton
♥Love Letters from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn | Henry VIII
♥The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey | George Cavendish
♥Naked to Mine Enemies: The Life of Cardinal Wolsey | Charles W. Ferguson
♥Henry VIII | Author TBD

♥Catherine of Aragon: The True Queen | Alison Weir
♥Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession | Alison Weir
♥Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen | Alison Weir
♥Anna of Kleve: The Princess in the Portrait | Alison Weir

The Autobiography of Henry VIII | Margaret George
So Great a Prince | Lauren Johnson
♥The Creation of Anne Boleyn | Susan Bordo

Le Temps Viendra: Volume I |Sarah Morris
Le Temps Viendra: Volume II | Sarah Morris

And there we have it. I was going to put all of my shelves in one post, like I did last year. But I realized that this was a pretty long list already. Keep your eyes out for the other installments!

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