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by - 10/21/2019

"Keep Moving Forward."

Hello all. I suppose this is a life update. Maybe. I don't know. It's just kind of a thing for me to rant just a little about how much I want 2020 to be here already.

This year has been just such a downer. A lot of downs and not enough ups. I know that usually means that something good is going to happen. I mean... it has too, right? But when you're stuck in a rut of the endless downs it's hard to look on the bright side.

I've been told a lot recently that I'm strong and have a lot of perseverance. It's nice to hear those things, but it's also like it's not really being said about me, but about someone else. Like, am I really those things? Because I honestly feel like I've just been going through the motions of work and sleep and repeat. 

All the downs have been a big part of why this year has been a very slow posting year. I've been in such a serious funk and all my energy has been on hiding it, on putting on a face for everyone else. I don't like to talk much about how I'm feeling, which is something that hinders me, I know. 

Ah well. Here's to praying and hoping that the next two months go nice and smoothly and 2020 treats me, and you!, well.

*Quote by Walt Disney*

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