Six of Crows Review | BLOGTOBER 🍂☕🎃

by - 10/06/2019

"Maybe fate did bother with people like him."

I started this book for two reasons; one, I love crows. Two, my friend told me to. It has been sitting on my bookshelf with all my other unread books and I finally decided that now was the time. Or rather, mid-September. A little autumn read, if you will.

Getting into it, I wasn't really drawn in. My friend mentioned that this is a world the author has written in before, so I had to assume that it was just the characters that were new. To be honest I didn't find trying to figure out the world and what certain words meant that hard. It helps that the author put in a little guide in the beginning of what words meant what. Actually, that was really great, because I really enjoyed falling in love with the characters.

 Which makes this book so much more satisfying because, while the plot gets a little slow in the middle, it's because we're getting some delicious character development in there. Be still my heart.

So, if you don't know what this book is about, we're following six criminals that are faced with the ultimate heist. Break into this highly secure and dangerous prison. Return with hostage from said prison. Receive a boat load times a million of cash. (Kruge, in this world.) Sure! Easy peasy.

Within the first twenty pages of reading, I instantly shipped Kaz and Inej. My friend told me that was a good call, so I'm only assuming that means that they'll be together at some point. However, this is a dualology, so I might not see this resolved to my satisfaction until I get my hands on the second one.
My Wraith would plead mercy. But thanks to you, she's not here to plead your case.

There is just something about Kaz that makes my blood boil. Whoo, in all the right ways, of course. I love his type of character. Brooding, mysterious, sly, incredibly smart. Yes. The whooooole package. I found some fanart and omg I love it all. Give this dualology a read, would you? You actually need to read this RIGHT NOW because Leigh Bardugo just announced some of the cast for the Netflix adaptation of Smoke and Bone AND Six of Crows so YOU NEED THIS.

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