Meg & Jo | Review

by - 1/03/2020

"When we got married I promised myself I wouldn't go running to Momma with every little thing."

My first book review! In such a long time! Wowza!

I am AMAZED that this is happening right now. 2019 has taken me to hell and back, so blogging about the books I've been reading hasn't really been a thing. So sitting down to write this about a book that pretty much took me by surprise feels so so good.

Meg & Jo, a retelling of Little Women focusing on the lives of the two older sisters. I need to mention now that I haven't read the original Little Women. At least, I don't remember if I did or not. I know what it's about, obviously, and know a little bit about what happens. Also, when I was in Girl Scouts, we visited the family home of Louisa May Alcott, the author, and I remember going into the barn where the sisters would put on their plays and just thought about what a different world it was.

Maybe I should have read the original before jumping into a retelling... but oh well!

I can't even explain to you how quickly I read through this book. I feel like I've been in a slump for a little while and this seemed to get me right through it. For a moment, at least.

First things first, Meg and John are married. With twins. CUTE. But Meg is trying to be super mom and do everything on her own. And John is trying to let her have her way but help as well. So there's a little tug of war there.

Jo is working in New York in a restaurant, while doing some food blogging on the side. Her boss, Eric, AKA hunkasaurus, isn't fond of food bloggers. So this relationship gets a little muddled in the middle, as you can imagine. I had A LOT of anxiety over this plot line, as Trey kept coming in and out and really making me dislike his character.

The sister dynamic in this retelling is much of the same, which I was relieved about, as I know that's an important aspect of the original. Family was a big deal in this book, so it was surprising how some of the plot lines went, but I'll leave that up to you to find out what I mean.

As most of my reviews go, I'm going to stop here before I give away too much. Long story short, I really enjoyed this retelling, and I can't wait for the second one to come out. And now on to read the original before the die hards have my head.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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