Life Update 2020

by - 2/24/2020

"My family and I have been healing. Intensely."

For a while now, I've been pretty silent on here. There are a lot of reasons that I could give to excuse myself, but I also realize that I don't have too. I don't post things on here just for the sake of posting them, but because I really enjoy blogging. The numbers don't matter. If they did, I would have gotten rid of this blog a long time ago.

The only reason I'm going to give that matters is that I've been healing. My family and I have been healing. Intensely. It has included doing a lot of things that I've been uncomfortable with and things that I didn't want to face. But those bridges have been crossed and while we still have a stressful March coming up, we have the rest of the year to continue to build on what we have fixed.

I have plans to start posting more, but it may not be until Spring. I'm always reading, so there will be book posts, some beauty, and maybe some wellness/lifestyle posts.

Really, it's going to be whatever I feel like. Because that's honestly what this blog has mainly been about. I've had a sponsored post here and there, but in the end, this place is for me. And for whoever's been reading it.

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