2020 in 2020: LASIK During a Pandemic

by - 9/17/2020

I've ditched the glasses!

Whenever I thought about getting Lasik, I cringed at the idea. I thought about all the horror stories I've ever read about the surgery and decided right then and there that I would never risk getting a surgery that could possibly leave me blind for the rest of my life. I would deal with the glasses and contacts, thank you very much.

Fast forward a few years and, surprise!, my eyes decide that they don't like the material contacts are made out of. Leaving me with no choice but to wear glasses full time. Now if you're like me and have had to wear glasses for most of your young life, you know how annoying it could be. But I dealt with it because getting surgery just wasn't the one for me. And then comes Covid-19. Mask requirements. Foggy lenses every time you breathed. Let's take another look at Lasik.

This isn't something that I went into with zero research and I did my best to stay away from all the stories of surgeries that had gone wrong for some others. Permanent vision loss, dry eyes so bad that no amount of eye drops could help, etc. I was in this for the facts and let's face it, Lasik has turned twenty-nine years old in 2020, so there's been so much room for improvement. My doctor went over all the risks with me and I was confident enough with them that going through with it didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. I got a lot of my information from this Wikipedia article, if you want to take a peak.

Of course my anxiety had other things to say about that so every moment leading up to the surgery was dreadful. I had to take a medicated drop four times a day the day before my surgery. The day of, they gave me both numbing drops twice and some antibacterial drops, also twice. And a Valium, to calm me the heck down. They were also very kind and made me a stress ball type thing out of a medical glove stuffed with paper towels. Getting this surgery done with a face mask on wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be. The doctor and assistants were all very friendly and patient with me, knowing how nervous I was.

Getting into it, they have you lay down on a bed that looks quite similar to ones that a chiropractor or a massage therapist might have, though not as comfortable and the hole where the head should have was padded. They put the laser over your face and honestly, the worst part of the whole thing was the suction! There was no pain, but a lot of pressure. It's not a comfortable surgery but thankfully it only lasts about fifteen minutes and boom! I was walking out the door with brand new eyes. Though I couldn't enjoy it right away as my eyes were watering like no one's business. And it felt like there was something wedged in there but I wasn't allowed to rub them. 

All in all, I think the most important thing you need to do is find a good surgeon that you're confident and comfortable with. I was lucky to find the one I did. Do your research, but don't let it scare you! It was scary but honestly so so worth it.

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