A New Family Addition

by - 11/13/2020

 Did you know Snoopy was a Beagle?

Along with all of the madness that 2020 has decided to bring into everyone's lives, we decided that we would make ours a little more mad by bringing home the little cutie up top there. It was a spontaneous decision, not something I recommend in the middle of a pandemic, but it's also been something that we haven't had a single ounce of regret for. 

Scooby (I know, I know) has been a little hellion and while I've had my tears of frustration, I've also known that this wasn't going to be easy. A puppy is a lot of work but thankfully we've had full support at home. And with all the frustration has come laughs and love. A good payoff, I think.

Also, quick backstory on his name. Super unoriginal, I know, but I promised myself when I was a kid that if I ever got my own dog that I would name him Scooby. It was my favorite show and I've loved the cartoon for years. Honestly, I wanted a Great Dane to make it more authentic, but having a little Beagle is a better payoff. 

Maybe we should have named him Snoopy...

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